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The unexpectable vegetable

You don't have to chop endless leafy greens to get your daily nutrients. Just mix Wanna greens with your meal and you're set.

Our tech's first crop

Pint package of Wanna Greens

100% Fresh

Every grain is a whole raw living plant, with up to 6-week shelf life

100% Safe

No pathogens • No pesticides
No antibiotics

100% Healthy

A powerful, antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral source

Get all the green nutrients you need in just a few tablespoons

Provides more iron than spinach
Contains more zinc than broccoli or kale
Has more potassium than any other green vegetable

A field of greens in the palm of your hand

GreenOnyx's patent cultivation platform preserves freshness from seed to plate, so every spoon you scoop is like picking greens right from the field.

Let's make the world healthier together

Partnering with GreenOnyx provides you with a unique chance to positively impact your family, friends, community, and the world around you.

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Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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