The dawn of a fresh era

Our revolutionary deep tech harnesses nature's power to make the world healthier.

3 scientists looking at screen in the GreenOnyx lab
Leveraging the health impact of fresh food
Securing fresh nutrition for the global mass markets
Empowering local food production
Delivering nature at its best
Scientist crossing corridor with Green Onyx growing silos
Leveraging the health impact of fresh food
Wanna Greens spread on top of a cream cheese toast
Securing fresh nutrition for the global mass markets
3 scientists looking at screen in the GreenOnyx lab
Empowering local food production
Duckweed - Wanna Greens close up
Delivering nature at its best

Solving humanity's greatest food challenges

GreenOnyx was founded with the goal of improving the health of humanity and the planet through innovative solutions that harness nature's power. Ten years ago, we embarked on a journey to find and cultivate non-standard food sources in a truly revolutionary way. Our focus was on four crucial attributes that have the power to create a healthier future for all.

Icon symbolizing the ultimate crop

Growing the ultimate crop

Our quest for a plant with superior nutritional value and minimal resource consumption led us to a previously overlooked, extraordinary plant: FRESHWATER LENTILS.

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It is fresh!

The journey between farm and table causes vital nutrient loss. By using our innovative technology, we can maintain freshness - from seed to plate - like never before.

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The revolution of sterile farming

Securing stable production and reducing cost to meet the mass market via a fully autonomous sterile farming.

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Shortened supply chain

Zero waste, reduced resource utilization, securing local food supply.

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GreenOnyx growing farm/lab - empty
GreenOnyx growing farm/lab - empty, blurry scientist crossing the frame
GreenOnyx growing silo - close up image

Cultivating a better future

Introducing our groundbreaking modular farm set to transform the Agrotech field.

Icon symbolizing high productivity for small area of growth

Exceptional productivity

Despite its small size of only 4.5 sqm, our highly productive farm can yield a bountiful harvest of 3.8 tons of fresh produce annually.

Icon symbolizing modular flexibility of the farm

A unique modular architecture

With its compact size, simple deployment, and ability to be arranged in a variety of ways, our modular farm offers local scalability and global reach.

Icon symbolizing cloud based control

End-to-end cloud-based traceability

Our patented control system uses AI, big data, and unique algorithms for advanced monitoring and control, including self-detection of contaminants.

Icon symbolizing bio mimicking of spring

Bio mimicking

A patented bio-mimetic growth platform that guarantees fresh greens year-round by replicating optimal conditions and using advanced technologies to monitor and adjust the environment.

Icon symbolizing sealed and sterile product

Sealed & sterile

An innovative closed system that automatically grows greens from seed to packaging.

Icon symbolizing autonomous, automatic growth cycles

Automated and autonomous

The unit is capable of functioning independently, without the need for direct human control or intervention.

Icon symbolizing low usage of water and other resources

Resource efficiency

No waste, residual use of water, lowest energy consumption in indoor agriculture.

Icon symbolizing  biodiversity

Designed for biodiversity

Our technology can be adjusted to grow a variety of crops.

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A whole new category

super-fresh foods

By combining our advanced technology and a truly exceptional first crop, we can do what others cannot: Guarantee freshness from seed to plate for the mass market.

Meet our mighty first crop:
Wanna Greens®

Single freshwater lentil held between thumb and finger

Nature's unsung heroes

Freshwater lentils

A stack of freshwater lentils on a white spoon

Earth's tiniest vegetables

Each grain is a whole plant packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other crucial phytonutrients

Freshwater lentils floating on water in a transparent glass

plant known

Capable of multiplying its biomass within 24 to 48 hours, using minimal resources

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Nature has perfected this miracle plant for over 150 million years

Our deep tech finally makes its wonders accessible to all

Wanna Greens log

100% raw super-fresh greens!

No need to wash, no need to chop.
All the green nutrients you need, in just a few small scoops.

Hungry for more info?
Wanna Greens pint container

Ice cream with greens on top?

Wanna Greens' mild fresh taste and texture opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Top view of dish with ice cream, almonds and Wanna Greens sprinkled on top
Top view of dish with yoghurt, fruits, granola and Wanna Greens
Top view of dish with salmon bagel with Wanna Greens sprinkled on top
Top view of dish with omelette, vegetables, toast and Wanna Greens sprinkled on top
Top view of dish Wanna Greens
Top view of dish Wanna Greens

Healthier than the healthiest

Our wonder plants are nutritionally intact, unlike the "fresh" greens that you're used to.

We Are Certified

Wanna Greens has a few certificates, assuring you it is safe, healthy and high-quality.

Let's make the world healthier together

Partnering with GreenOnyx provides you with a unique chance to positively impact your family, friends, community, and the world around you.

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Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Ensure sustainable consumption and production methods
Make human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable
Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
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