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The next generation of fresh greens


The Value of Fresh

Raw dark leafy greens are the healthiest food on the planet, providing the highest nutrition per calorie, with the strongest protection against chronic and infectious diseases.

Adding to the already strong sentiment towards healthier, more nutritious diets, consumers are now seeking to increase their consumption of fresh, locally grown, raw dark leafy greens.


90% of consumers don't eat even the minimum daily recommended portion, because of significant barriers:

 - Unattractive taste

 - Poor shelf-life

 - Time consuming preparations

 - Safety concerns

 - Unstable supply 

We unlocked the secret

Meet our fresh greens

The smallest and fastest growing vegetable on earth.


Every single tiny grain is a whole vegetable, naturally packed with key nutrients, like spinach and more...   



Kids love it.

Fresh raw supplement - GreenOnyx

Securing fresh

Via self-growing modular farms


Our Compact Farm

A deep-tech, patented cultivation platform, autonomous from seed to pack.

Bio-mimicking the natural habitat growth conditions. 


Delivering fresh greens year-round.


Production efficiency is equivalent to the annual yield of a 3,000sqm green vegetables field.

Fresh raw supplement - GreenOnyx
Fresh raw supplement - GreenOnyx

Easily deployed in every city around the globe

Our Mega Farm

A future modular array of Compact Farms, designed to scale globally,

with AI driven processes,

enabling end-to-end cloud-based traceability.