Farming Manager

Hi, it's great to meet you! 

We are GreenOnyx® - a unique agro culture start-up, located in Tel-Aviv.

We're visionary thinkers and pioneers and have been the first and only company to develop a compact technological platform for growing and globally commercializing fresh, super nutritious vegetables from the duckweed family back to your plate. We're here to revolutionize health!

Welcome to the new future of agriculture 4.0!


At GreenOnyx, we give back what we take in everything we do. 

Today we are looking for our first Farming Manager to manage the GreenOnyx pilot farm. The farm is an exception that combines professional/ business/ tech aspects.


What will you do in this role?

In this role, you will build independent profit and loss unit(s) from scratch and make all of the operational reports/work processes/employee recruitment.

It will be the first farm of our company, and in the future, we will build some more just like this one: your actions in your role now will have a significant impact on our future farms!

You will be responsible for overseeing operations of the whole site on a day-to-day basis and that a project comes in on time and within the budget:

· Monitor Inventory

· Monitor On-Time Delivery (OTD)

· Ensure meeting all Quality Requirements

· Coordinate all Logistics Support Between Pilot Farm and external functions such as Customer Order Requirements and Suppliers

· Understand Operation terminology such as yield, efficiency, etc.

· Understand the effect of production efficiency on profitability 

· High level of understanding of Balance Sheet (Gross Margin, Operational Margin, etc.) 


So, if you have:

  • B.Sc. from a known university

  • At least three years of proven experience in operations and management 

  • Fluent English 

  • Proficient in Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint 

  • Familiarity with the Biotech industry


And your Interpersonal skills are:

  • Independent; fast learner; Self-motivated; multi-tasked; detailed and deadline-oriented

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team

  • Start-up attitude – flexible, agile, open, ready to take tasks beyond his responsibility, team player


Then - you should join us!