Advisory Board

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Jeff Manning

A nationally acclaimed Marketing strategist, specializing in food & beverage brands. Jeff was the Godfather of “GOT MILK?” campaign, and advised the marketing strategy for Beyond Meat.


A high-tech executive, with over 35 years as a strategist in enterprise software, telecommunications, semiconductors, agri-tech, cyber and more. Koby has created over $5B in shareholder value.

Koby Huberman
Errol Schweizer

As an Executive VP at Whole Foods for almost a decade, Errol led grocery merchandising, including new product development, to over $5 billion in sales annually. Currently, he is a co-founder, a strategic advisor, and a board member in a number of high-growth companies in the US Natural and Organic food industry.

Max Goldberg

One of the US leading organic food experts. The Founder/Editor of Organic Insider, a weekly newsletter read by the most influential CEOs in the industry, runs the organic food blog Living Maxwell and the Organic Food Industry group on LinkedIn, which counts thousands of members from around the world.

Reuben BenJehuda

New York-based, but with Italian roots, Reuben is the founder of Popbar - Handcrafted Gelato on a Stick. He is a branding expert with vast experience in developing business strategies for the hospitality sector, both on a business and on a consumer level. 

Chef Michael Katz

One of Israel's leading chefs, a former instructor at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in London, currently headteacher and coordinator of the professional course at the no 1 culinary school in Israel. Honored as a Master chef of Belgium, worked in both 2 and 3 Michelin stars restaurants.

Yaron Itay

A leader in global contract manufacturing and complex  international production transfers, Yaron is the GM of Jabil IL (former CEO and Co-Owner at Shemer, acquired by Jabil). During his term Shemer demonstrated x10 business growth, whereas Jabil IL demonstrated x2 business growth in 2 years.

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 21.29.31.png
Mark Mallardi

General Manager, AMARUMAYU Superfruit Juices.  A Sales & Marketing executive with nearly 40 years of success in driving sales strategy, profits and innovation in the USA food market, especially in the CPG, Natural Products, Nutrition Health & Wellness, and Retail sectors.   Previously, Executive Director of Strategic Development for the NEXT Data & Insights division, NEW HOPE NETWORK, USA.