We play a different game

In a market craving for approachable healthy foods, we cracked the code: 

Focusing on a natural fresh-green vegetable with a surprisingly FUN user-experience, and developing a deep-tech solution to keeping it fresh and nutritious for weeks - in any urban environment. 


Introducing: the go-to green for every home - Wanna greens the unexpectable vegetables.

Wanna greens belong to the Water Lentil family of leafy greens, are the smallest, fastest-growing vegetables on earth. They feel like “popping-candy” with a great crunchy texture and a subtle taste. Packed with nutritional value, they bring nature at its best to your plate - the perfect vegetable to create massive change in public health.


Groundbreaking tech: securing the Wanna greens’ nutritional value

Our revolutionary, highly patented Agro-FoodTech technologies enable scalable growth and local commercialization globally, while securing an accessible & affordable fresh nutrition 

  • An autonomous and fully automated local supply chain - seed to pack.  

  • Globally scalable indoor cultivation platform: inside each of our 4sqm compact-farm unit, we are growing vegetables with yields that are 100 times higher than the equivalent green leafy fields per sqm. 

  • Controlled by an AI-based cloud platform with an end-to-end  traceability - designed to achieve unmatched supply predictability and quality consistency.

Green guides our standards, with zero waste, zero pollution, using a fraction of the water and fertilizers, all while saving arable land.


We’re moving ahead at full speed!

After 8 years of innovative technological development, tens of millions raised, along with grants from the Israeli Chief Scientist; and after joining hands with top chefs such as Alexandre Gauthier and key market players such as R2M Group, we are now at our growth stage, launching the next financing round.


We’re looking for top-talents that seek to join us in this life-changing journey, 


Wanna work with us?