In a nutshell

Wanna greens come from Wolffia plants, or khai-namas they are known locally in Thailand. Khai-Nam literally translates to ‘eggs of water’, as this nutrient-dense vegetable only grows in pure, fresh, natural water…. A jampacked with live Phytonutrients. 

For years, this incredible, edible plant has flourished in the beautiful lakes and pools of Southeast Asia and has been enjoyed by locals for generations. 

GreenOnyx inspire to to bring Wanna greens to communities all over the world by growing them sustainably in local, pure water farms across the globe. Our pure water farm sharness the best of nature and use minimal water to allow them to flourish anywhere in the world, whilst also being resource efficient and environmentally friendly. 

We have harnessed the benefits of one of nature’s most powerful unsung heroes, the fresh water lentil. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, theselittle guys can deliver your daily portion of leafy greens in just a few small scoops.

Our water lentils are the smallest vegetable on earth, and with size comes versatility. Mild in flavour and with a subtle crunch, Wanna greens complements any dish, sweet or savoury. 

You can sprinkle it, cook with it, use it as a dip, spread it, drink it or eat it directly from the pot.
You can also serve it either raw or cooked. The only limitation is your imagination! 


We’re visionary thinkers and pioneers, and have been developing a new type of sustainable farming.

GreenOnyx eco-friendly indoor farm offers unique features that make it a powerful tool in the fight against global food challenges:

1. Almost zero waste at the production, retail, and consumer levels
2. Uses less water thanany other farming system
3. Recycles water to reduce waste
4. Requires less energy than any indoor farming
5. Can operate solely on renewable energy
6. Acts as a green lung in cities by converting high CO2 air into O2-enriched air
7. No air or drain-related pollution
8. Reduces the need for arable land
9. Prevents produce loss due to contamination