GreenOnyx indoor innovative technology

GreenOnyx is the first and only company to develop acompact technological indoor platform for growing and globally commercializing fresh, super nutritious vegetables, the smallest natural vegetable from the duckweeds family (water lentils),  to which they have given the tradename: Wanna greens - the unexpectable vegetable!
Every tiny grain is a whole plant with the most nutritious (not cut, chopped,or processed).

Sustainable indoor farming has the potential to contribute to having more nutritious options in the US throughout the year. By employing advanced technologies such as vertical farming, hydroponics, and aquaponics, indoor farming can overcome seasonal limitations and geographical constraints. This allows for the cultivation of a diverse range of crops in controlled environments, providing consumers with access to fresh and locally grown produce regardless of the external climate.

Furthermore, sustainable farming practices often emphasize soil health, reduced pesticide use, and optimized nutrient management, contributing to the production of nutrient-dense crops. The ability to control environmental conditions in indoor farming also enables precision agriculture, optimizing factors like light, temperature, and humidity to enhance nutritional profiles.

While sustainable indoor farming can positively impact the availability and nutritional quality of food, it's important to consider various factors such asscalability, energy efficiency, and economic viability for widespread adoption. Additionally, other elements of the food supply chain, including distribution and consumer preferences, also play significant roles in determining the overall impact on nutrition options in the US.

"We can solve a lot of the issues that are hurting us by just rethinking what's at the end of our fork."
Last week, Netflix released a captivating series – 'You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment.' This eye-opening series presents an intriguing experiment exploring the impact of different diets on identical twins. Moreover, the series also sheds light on the consequences of our food choices on the environment. At GreenOnyx, we connect deeply with the series' message that the food we eat affects not only our health but also the future of our world. As a company founded with a vision of harnessing nature's power to make the world a healthier place, we focus on two key aspects to achieve this: Making wholesome, fresh, vital greens a staple of everyone's diet with our revolutionary vegetable - Wanna Greens.

Creating a new and more sustainable way to grow food using innovative technology that enables us to conserve natural resources, avoid pollution, and cultivate greens on any surface.

The series also featured the incredible story of Eleven Madison Park. This three Michelin-starred restaurant boldly switched to an entirely plant-based menu, proving that you can make the best food in the world without harming the planet. We are proud to share that our very own Wanna Greens was included on their last spring menu!