Our mission

Transforming everyone's diet by providing

wholesome raw nutrients at the ease of dietary supplements

Our promise 

Nature at its best via deep-tech 

Our impact and sustainable development goals

Good Health



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Responsible Consumption and Production

Fresh raw supplement - GreenOnyx

Our story

A journey of discovery and passion

“My professional background in cancer research led to the recognition of the importance of wholesome fresh greens to promote cellular strength, prevent illness and disease, and promote longevity.

Recognizing the tremendous potential health impact of greens phytonutrients, as well as the significant challenges, I founded GreenOnyx in 2013 and changed my mission from oncology research to creating a breakthrough in the delivery and consumption of fresh greens. 


After searching the world for leafy greens, my research took me to one of nature’s true leafy greens. 


And so I began a journey of discovery & passion, to realize my vision of making wholesome, fresh, vital greens a staple of everyone’s diet!”

Tsipi Shoham, PhD., Co-founder & CEO